margarita contacted us so that we helped with the reform and expansion of its valence travel agency. the previous state of the agency, included a separated by a courtyard offices. this prevented a direct relationship of its workers, in addition to the discomfort that supposed to be coming and going continuously.

the new retail project deals with joining the two pieces of the office with a glass roof. also through interior design project we achieve to rearrange space and distribute the different units. This new space has a designed interior furnishings, understood as architecture detail, in order to organize and store the elements of these offices while creating a relaxed atmosphere for work. also they took into account the needs of women workers when saving and heat lunches and snacks to take to work through a closet we like to call coffice and referred to when making coffee (coffee) in the office (office).

oak wood floor and furniture was chosen to make them as possible in matching hue to homogenize space. combined with white lacquered furniture and walls to get as much light as possible through the reflection.

86 m2
photos by daniel rueda cuerda