hibiki’s gastrobar is located in valencia; its cuisine combines traditional mediterranean tapas with typical japanese izakaya’s pub foods.

this combination shows in retail through materiality, as ceramic walls evoking the mediterranean sea merge with the wooden floor and ceiling remembering japanese bamboo forests. these concepts have been worked to achieve a current architectural language with nordic-style notes. the wall tiles have diamond-hexagonal geometry with semi-matte finish and sharp edges. in the same way happens in the wooden ceiling, willing to cover the usual facilities at these restaurants. however, the main material is light: taking advantage of the few natural light, a darkness atmosphere is created through recessed lighting on the perimeter and spot bulbs on top of each table.

the space is distributed in a L shape. the key element is the open kitchen visible to all customers. the bar is set up very low, typical of japanese ‘izakaya’s’, tables combine longitudinal benches against the wall with. all these combine with wooden shelves to expose drinks and decorations.

valencia, spain.

area 168 m2
infography raúl ferrándiz
design process