babel penthouse

valencia, spain


this property built in 1930 has a house tipology with a very long rectangular floor plan, illuminated and ventilated through its “short sides”, one of which is located to the main facade of the building and another to the inner patio of the block. the excessive compartmentalization of space, made the central part of the house a dark place, narrow and without ventilation.

Pedro entrusts to us the project of reform and interior design starting from two premises: transform the house in a luminous place and find in its interior a space for occasional meetings with friends around the gastronomy. therefore the inner partition is demolished, leaving a day and night zone separated by a mobile partition that allows the inhabitant graduate the light and privacy inside the house. the area intended for cooking is open to the living room. there is an island furniture for cooking and chatting around it, as well as several storage columns attached to the wall; to avoid odors and smoke condensations, it is used a bell integrated in the ceiling of great power and very silent. the materiality of this project is based on the balance between low and warm temperatures graded by the silestone® stone of the kitchen bench and the oak of the furniture and pavement.

area 69 m²
photos by daniel rueda cuerda